The 5,244 sq. m. property is fronted by a cove located on the northeastern part of Puerto Galera Bay. The property is situated in Sabang Heights, f.k.a. Kabilang Gulod. It is a sitio of Barangay Sabang, well known for its diving resorts. Being by a cove gives a sense of exclusivity and provides accessibility by water as well as by land. Land access is through 180 meters of private driveway from the provincial road. It is about 7 minutes to the Poblacion or town proper. The main residence sits on an elevated terrain overlooking the cove and offers a quiet retreat to the owners, sometimes a pleasant but limited sanctuary for a few boats.The surrounding mountains protect the cove from strong winds keeping the water still making it ideal for kayaking, snorkeling and other water sports all year round.

The shoreline is defined by thick rows of mangrove that serve to protect the land from erosion at the same time provide a coddling habitat to certain marine lives.

This private property is fenced with concrete and barbed wires. The section facing the cove is wrapped with marble rocks for its retaining walls. The inland area is planted with coconut trees and fruit trees like mango, cashew, macopa (water apple), atis (sugar apple), chico and others. Although this is a residential property, there is ample room for commercialization.

There is an access to internet and cell phone signal. The house has built-in telephone and cable TV access. Electricity is supplied by ORMECO and an 18 KVA diesel generator is on standby during power outages. Water is supplied by the municipality and stored in a 10,000 litter concrete tank. An underground well also serves as backup supply and for watering plants. Both water supplies are serviced by pressure tanks.

Residence and Other Structures:
The house was custom built in 2008 with western influence, has a 466 sq. m. of living space for both the main and lower levels. The foyer on the top level leads to the arched pillars that define the hallway leading to the different rooms of the house.

The formal dining room adjacent to the living room has a 6mm tempered glass sliding doors that open to the porch and swimming pool and spa. The pool is 1.5 meters in depth with a 1 meter section for toddlers. The spa is equipped with bubblers and jet nozzles. The end of the pool is framed by a roofed lanai with full view of the cove perfect for entertaining. The porch has a wet bar and a full bath for before and after swim rinse. A pool equipment room is adjacent to the full bath.

The large spacious kitchen inside is centrally located to offer accessibility from all the rooms including family room. The kitchen has granite countertops and an island likewise topped with granite.

The main level has 3 bedrooms. A master suite with glass sliding doors, also tempered and 6 mm in thickness, opens to a balcony with stainless steel railings. Here one can enjoy the fresh air amidst the beautiful scenery of the cove and commune with nature on still moonlit nights. It has a large bathroom with western style bath tub, a double sink, a glass contained shower stall supplied with heated water. A large walk-in closet completes the suite.

Two extra bedrooms share a full bath also supplied with heated water . A terrace enclosed by stainless steel railings is located on the southeast corner. A utility room complete with a sink is used for laundry and storage.

All rooms except utility and bath have ceiling fans. Kitchen and formal dining rooms have 3-hp split unit air conditioners. The bedrooms have their own split air conditioners.

The lower level has its own main entrance door but can be accessed from the main level through an indoor stairwell with lockable door for privacy and security. Outdoor access is by a winding staircase from the pool area down to the lower level porch. It has an open floor plan with a kitchen with granite countertops and peninsula. There is a full bath and a half bath with provisions for laundry use. The lower level is currently used as social function room but large enough as a living unit. It has glass sliding doors that open into a large porch from where pathways lead to the garden or to the on-the-water lanai, perfect for entertaining or just for relaxation. The lanai also doubles as a pier where small boats and outriggers can dock.

Adjacent to the lanai is a boathouse which is also used as a dirty kitchen during large gatherings.


Appointment and showing only to qualified buyers.
Brokers are welcome as buyer’s agents.

Php 49.5M